Accommodaties in en rond Brunssum

Accommodation possibilities
(not all possibilities, search for other options if you like):

Prices are the prices of 2012

Of course 'De Hitjesvijver' campingsite is well known. For more info about it have a look at or get in contact with Mr. Henk Stoop.

Other accommodation possibilities:
(not all possibilities, search for other options if you like)


3,6 km - Hotel Golf Residentie Brunssumerheide (starting 56,50/night)

0,7 km - Rumpenerhof (starting 37,50/night)

1,4 km - Bed and Breakfast Pincky (starting 27,50/night)

0,5 km - Edenpark (starting 42,50/night)

3,0 km - Schinvelder Hoeve (starting 50/night)

10,9 km - Snowworld Landgraaf (starting 35/night)


11,4 km - Hotel de Prins (starting 27,50/night)

12,1 km - Hotel de Limbourg (starting 85/night)

11,5 km - Oranje Hotel (starting 40/night)

14,9 km - Brandtaveerne (starting 27,50/night)

14,2 km - Auveleberch (starting 20/night)
no website, ask for phonenumber

13,6 km - Fitland Sport- en Budgethotel (starting 25/night)


11,8 km - Casa Elisabeth Selfkant (starting 18/night)

7,0 km - Ferienhaus "Am Freibad" Gangelt (starting 22,50/night)

7,6 km - Zur Bahn Ssterseel (starting 30/night)

6,6 km - Gastehaus - Dahlmhle Gangelt (starting 23/night)

MvG 09.05.12
Camping en recreatiecentrum De Hitjesvijver

Cafe-zaal Rumpener Beemden

Hotel-Cafe Rumpenerhof

Wapen Brunssum

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